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The support we provide and the values and promises we make would not be possible without a great team of people who are dedicated and passionate about the organisation and the services we provide.

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Warrington Community Living, Supporting people to be active citizens.

"We are driven to ensure that all of the people we support lead as active, enjoyable and meaningful a life as possible, one that is focused around them as individuals rather than assumptions relating to their age or other support needs. Warrington Community Living puts the people who use our service at the heart of the organisation and they help us drive the organisation in our commitment to delivering a person centered, quality and supportive service."

Michael Sheppard (Chief Executive Officer)

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Warrington Community Living Appreciate our Runners

Warrington Community Living Appreciate our Runners Thursday July 30, 2015 Elaine Mullen Warrington Community Living announce record numbers of people dedicating their time and effort to the people we support by running for us in the English Half Marathon.


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