Michael Doherty

Title: Lodge Lane Service Manager

Michael has been working in a care setting for thirty years and has been a Registered Mental Nurse for over seventeen of them. One of his first jobs was a care worker working with adults with learning and physical disabilities before being recruited to work with adults who were being resettled during the Care in the Community Act period of the early 1990’s.

From there Mike decided that he would like to train to be a nurse and found himself more interested in mental health as a subject. Since qualifying he has worked in a variety of different settings from community mental health rehabilitation and acquired brain injury through to forensic secure services. Mike has qualifications in CBT and experience of other psycho-social interventions.

As a qualified nurse mentor, manager  and a qualified trainer he has  delivered training sessions in a variety of subjects including dementia, autism awareness and DoLS/MCA.

Mike has  always had an interest in psycho-social interventions, holistic and person centred care and trying to give people in services as high a quality of life as possible and an opportunity to be their optimal selves.