Paying for our service

There are a number of options available to people who may wish to consider using WCL to provide them with support, whether that is in your own home or at one of our services.

The majority of our funding does come from contracts placed by the Local Authority which is usually Warrington Borough Council or the Local Health authority however we do have referrals and people being supported by us who are from other Local Authorities and this choice can be because close family live within Warrington and therefore to be placed closer to them would enhance wellbeing. The price for this is agreed with the Local Authority and is funded by them subject to income limits which your social worker or Access to Social are team within your area would assist you with.

Self Funders

If you are unable to access funding from the Local Authority you have the option to pay for the support yourself at the home of your choice. When you contact the individual managers at the homes or in our Community Network we will share with you our charges and charging policy with an explanation of what this covers and what you may have to pay for outside of this ie. Dry cleaning, hairdressing etc..

Personal Budgets

Simply put a Personal budget is an allocation of funding given to you after a social services assessment of your needs. You can either take your personal budget as a direct payment, or - while still choosing how your care needs are met and by whom – your can leave your Local Authority with the responsibility to commission the services. Or you can have a combination of the two.

Direct Payments

Allows more choice and flexibility over your personal and practical day-to-day living and support needs. The main source of referrals come from Social Workers although self referrals are occasionally received.

How do I get Direct Payments?

Contact Access to Social Care on 01925 444239 to arrange for a social worker to visit you to carry out an assessment of your needs. Alternatively, contact your existing social worker to discuss any changes you may require regarding how your support is delivered. How much money you receive depends on how much support you are assessed as needing.