We know that consistency of support is ever so important, and that it must be delivered with respect and dignity, offering an enjoyable but safe experience. That is why Warrington Community Living makes the following promise to the people who use its services.


We will:

  • Support your right to be an active citizen in your community
  • Make sure your voice is heard
  • Treat you with respect and dignity
  • Support you in a personal way that shows you are an important individual
  • Respect your right to make choices and help you with them when you need us to
  • Support you to find and keep relationships and friendships
  • Understand your needs and encourage your dreams
  • Keep your private information safe and sound
  • Involve you in how we run your service and the organisation; learning from your feedback and keeping you informed

Well being

We will:

  • Be comfortable in your own home
  • Stay safe
  • Stay as healthy and well as possible
  • Take medication safely when you need it
  • Manage your own money and keep your belongings safe
  • Become and stay a confident person
  • Find ways to be as happy as possible


We will help you:

  • Develop and maintain your independence
  • Look for and enjoy learning
  • Find things to do and enjoy
  • Find work if you want to