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There are many reasons you might want to contact us and we would encourage you to do so. We are always interested to know what you think. Feel free to use our contact form or email address if you want to speak to us direct let us know and the best person to help you will call you back.

  • You want more information about one or more of our services

You will be able to talk through any of our services by contacting one of our service managers or you can contact our central office who will direct you to the most appropriate person.

  • You want to tell us what you like about our services

We always like to hear what we should be doing more of, again please contact the central office and we will be happy to listen and direct you to the most appropriate person.

  • You want to refer yourself, a relative or someone you support for one or our services.

We will be pleased to discuss this with you and help guide you through the process.

  • You want to tell us that you are unhappy with something to do with the organisation or you want to complain about a service we have delivered

Although we want to make all the people we support satisfied with our services, we understand that sometimes you might be upset and want to complain about something or somebody. We need your feedback please contact the service manager or any of the contacts below. We have a robust policy for dealing with your complaint, this is available upon request.

  • You have some ideas you want to share with us

Please do we are constantly developing our services and always looking for new and innovative ways of working.

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