Monday 23rd March

To keep up to date we have dedicated a team to monitor and implement the information provided by the government and supporting services such as WBC and the CCG.

Where possible we will maintain business as usual but I am sure you will appreciate that we will have to make some changes and encourage your support to achieve this.

The following changes applied:

  • You will have noted we have now restricted visiting in our services this is to support your loved ones to keep safe and well.
  • We are working with local providers and suppliers to prepare us to manage supplies to all services.
  • Our Outreach and Children’s services will not be providing support in public spaces, we will still be able to offer walks in the park at your own risk, if you wish to continue this service this is likely to be at a reduced time due to the limited activities we can provide.
  • We will not be able to provide support to any children displaying symptoms of COVID-19 to prevent spread of infection to other children
  • Any hours not used on Outreach and Children’s services will be used in our other services
  • If individuals who receive Outreach or Children’s services are choosing to self-isolate and do not want visits we will respect this decision and allocate support elsewhere
  • Our mental health crisis house will run as usual, operations will only be affected in the event of an outbreak
  • Residential and Nursing properties will also not access public spaces, time in the garden and walks will be encouraged.

The people we support have a diverse range of needs and these changes will affect individuals in different ways, we want to support the people using our services to maintain contact with you all. To achieve this we are purchasing IT equipment to enable people to make video calls, we would encourage you to send in letters and pictures to keep communication going. I am also sure that our support teams would appreciate letters of encouragement at this difficult time as they continue to work to make sure support is delivered.

If you would like to share your Skype or WhatsApp details so we can set you up in the relevant service. Please email us at [email protected] 

Our central office will be closed so please forward any written correspondence to the relevant service directly. We have diverted our call system to if you have any queries please feel free to ring the usual numbers.

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