Mews Specific Update 01/05/20

We can now announce that we are free from COVID-19 outbreak at The Mews. We have been able to access some further testing for residents who were in isolation due to showing some possible symptoms and these came back as negative for COVID-19 we have been clear now for 14 days which means we are now classed as outbreak free.

This will be a relief for families as it was for colleagues but more important it means the people who live there can now relax a little and start to come out of their rooms for meals etc. This will have a big impact on their physical and mental wellbeing.

Despite all of this we cannot guarantee that we will not have another outbreak but we continue to follow best practice guidance with regard to social distancing and we are encouraging all residents in the home to isolate from others when they can, whilst appreciating the benefits of some contact. Further guidance is strictly followed in the home including use of personal protective equipment, disposal of waste and laundry management. The home of course remains on lockdown as we try to minimise the likelihood of another outbreak. All colleagues wear face masks whilst they are in the home.

Although this news is very positive we want to take a moment to remember the devastating impact this has had on those who have lost a loved one during the outbreak and send our heartfelt condolences to them.

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