Personal Protective Equiptment (PPE)

We have had a few queries in regard to PPE and we can reassure you that across all of Warrington Community Living services we have so far been able to supply the correct PPE to all colleagues that require them. We are acting responsibly with our use of this which includes following the clear guidelines and utilising the correct PPE at the correct times rather than a blanket approach.

We are working tirelessly to maintain our stock of PPE and we are keeping in touch with the commissioners and regulators with regard to our efforts and the situation around our stocks. We can confirm we have a supply that will last us for the near future and we are finding new supplies constantly. We are ensuring that residents and colleagues are protected now and securing the supplies for going forward. We cannot provide guarantees about maintaining this position but we can guarantee we are making every effort possible to ensure we have what we need, we will update you on this matter in our weekly update on the website.

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