Update 12/05/20


In our last update we told you we were struggling to access testing for our residents and although we are getting some more access to testing for those people who are showing symptoms this is still not always available and is not easy to access. We are making progress and it is slowly improving and we will continue to push the relevant authorities for access to testing for people showing symptoms.

COVID –19 Cases

In the last update we stated that we had some more residents who had tested positive for COVID 19 at Heathside we can now say these people have recovered and are out of their isolation period. Other recent tests that have been carried out have come back negative. We are awaiting the results of one more routine test to come back if this is negative as we hope it will be then we will be free from the outbreak.

Westleigh House now have no cases of COVID-19.

We remain outbreak free at Mews

At the moment all our other residential services have no confirmed cases. This includes, Lodge Lane House, Twiss green Lane and Lucklaw. We also provide support at Ryfields Village and there are no confirmed cases with those we are supporting there. We also have no confirmed cases across any of our supported living schemes.

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