Update 22/05/20

We are now outbreak free in all of our services.

You will have heard lots on the news about testing and we are still trying our best to navigate and access what is available. We have found there is increased capacity around testing for residents and colleagues supporting in the over 65 category and this should be increased and rolled out across services but we are at the start of this process, if your relative meets the testing criteria you will be contacted directly and informed of the testing process if this is relevant.

Currently we have no confirmed cases of COVID-19 for people residing in our services, we continue to monitor the situation and reduce risk through Infection control measures. We have implemented a control measure for all new admissions where we require a negative COVID-19 test result prior to admission. Those already in our care remain our responsibility and would be supported if they have a COVID-19 positive result, isolation and enhanced infection control measure would be applied in this instance for a 14 day period.

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