Visiting Update

We endeavour to continue our support in the best way we can under the difficult and changing circumstances. Thus, we have dedicated a team to monitor and implement the information provided by the government and supporting services such as WBC and the CCG.

Many of you have been in touch regarding visiting your loved ones. Government guidance for care homes and indoor visiting remains unchanged and we continue to be closed to all non-essential visits. 

What is an essential visit?

  • Health professionals
  • Family visit at end of life
  • Contractor visits for emergency Health and Safety related repairs.

For any person completing an essential visit risk measures are in place to support safe visiting such as full PPE, access to only the areas required for the visit and visitors being symptom free.

Although the buildings are closed for visiting I am pleased to inform you that we are COVID-19 free and can therefore, following government guidance facilitate outdoor social distancing visits. We will commence visiting on a phased approach, initially we will utilise our garden spaces, we will have seating arranged at an appropriate safe distance, and the following rules will apply to your visit:

  • Children under 14 will not be permitted to visit any property
  • No more than two people per visit
  • Visiting will only take place at the allotted time slots provided to you
  • You will be escorted by a colleague during your visit
  • Visits will be for a period of 15 minutes
  • You will refrain from visiting if you have had any COVID-19 symptoms in the last 14 days
  • You will have your temperature taken on admittance to the grounds
  • If you have a temperature higher than 37.8 degrees you will not be permitted to stay
  • You will use the anti-viral gel on admittance to the property grounds
  • You will not move the seating arrangements (3 metre distance)
  • Food and drink will not be permitted during the visits
  • Any care packages for your loved one will be given to the supporting colleague on entry
  • You will wait in the allocated area 2 minutes prior to your appointment time
  • It is good practice to wear a facemask or face covering if you have one, if not you may still visit
  • Both the visited and visitor must be able to follow all the visiting rules

We understand that for some families the rules applied will mean you will not be able to complete a social distancing visit. In these circumstances your loved one will be provided with a designated, isolated downstairs area by the window and a phone; the family/friend will be able to stand 2m back from the window and speak either through the window or over the phone. We will contact you independently if this relates to you.

We continue to have access to phone calls and video calls via WhatsApp or skype as an alternative.

As inside visits are not available, we will be unable to assist you with refreshments or use of the facilities.

In the event of a breach of social distancing, your loved one will be required to isolate for a period of 14 days, please adhere to our rules for the safety and wellbeing of those living in the property. If the rules are not followed, we reserve the right to stop the visit at any point.

We understand that many who live in the service have family and friends from more than one household; we will endeavour to prioritise each resident receiving a visit before booking multiple visits for one resident.

In the event of a safety or wellbeing risk visits will cancelled or curtailed at any point, for example inclement weather or a resident developing symptoms, we will make every effort to provide as much notice as possible. Visiting will not be available during a period of outbreak.

Visiting will be generally available between 2pm and 3pm each day, you will each receive a copy of this letter with the most relevant email address, which we would prefer to use  alternatively, if you do not have access to email or don't receive the letter you can call the service directly.

We understand that this is very weather dependent and therefore not ideal, we endeavour to develop our visiting arrangements and create sheltered areas in our properties to support you to see your loved ones; these will include screens, this will support residents who would be unable to follow social distancing measures. However, I am sure you will imagine this will take a little longer to put in place.

We thank you for your support during this very difficult time and understand the distress these restrictions may cause however, however we must continue to be cautious to protect the people we support.

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