Visiting Update Oct 21

As we begin to navigate the new normal and in our residential homes all colleagues, volunteers and  contractors a have been vaccinated unless exempt and all residents have been offered both vaccinations and booster. 

We have moved back to open visiting in our homes. Whilst visiting is now open we do need to still be careful and stay safe as well as ensuring we are following government advice.

Visits need to be booked by appointment, and the visitor will need to prove a negative LFT test (this can be done at the home). Visitors will be asked to use PPE and visits will take place in designated areas away from other residents such as the residents own room.

Residents can also leave the home with their visitor but again LFT test and PPE will be needed. When on an outing the residents must be able to socially distance from members of the public.

An individual risk assessment is completed for each resident and there maybe reasons to restrict visiting for example vulnerability of the resident, Vaccine status and local infection rates.

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