Working for Warrington Community Living

We are an Investors in People silver organisation and pride ourselves on the fact that we support all colleagues to do their role effectively. We support you, encourage you and help you to develop, so you can do the same for the people we support

If you would enjoy working in a supportive environment and share the values of our organisations please take a look at our current vacancies. Good people enjoy working for us. 

In a recent review meeting, one colleague said...

"I think WCL is a great place to work and I love the genuine values that are promoted. I think that the leadership demonstrated from the top is excellent and a great model to base my development on. The people I work with at WCL at all levels make the environment professional, friendly, motivational and fun, all important factors in the workplace."

Much of our work is funded by fee income from the Local Authority and NHS Commissioners. However, the development of new services and premises and the daily added value we offer to the people who use our services relies heavily upon the charity's voluntary income and reserves. Warrington Community Living welcomes your support either through volunteering your time, fundraising, sponsorship, expertise or working for us.

Are you who we are looking for?

We are looking for people who care, who have respect, who share our values and want to make a difference.

We want people who are willing, eager and able to learn

We want people who are flexible and want to go over and above if it means making a difference

The people we support told us they want all of the above they didn’t ask for qualifications or experience so neither are we. If you are all of the above we WANT YOU and we will provide the training you need.

If you feel you are right for us and you can keep ‘Our Promise’ please see our current vacancies and consider applying to us.

Due to the recent development of the organisation doubling the number of people we support over the last two years we have a number of vacancies across Warrington. Please click on the links below to find out more information.

So why would you want to work for Warrington Community Living?

We  are a charitable not for profit  organisation

This can make a big difference to your role.  We are a values-based company who put the people we support first.  The organisational purpose is focused on the people we support and making a difference to them.  

Warrington Community Living don't need to make a profit, we just need to make a difference!

Colleague quote: “I’ve been in social care for years, but this is the first time I’ve worked for an organisation that truly puts the people we support first”

We are local

Which means you will be working for the largest, not for profit care and support provider in Warrington. Whilst being large within Warrington we are not too big and too widespread. This means we are person-centered with colleagues and the people we support. We provide training in Warrington and colleagues are welcome to drop into Central Office to have a chat with the administration team or the senior managers based there.

Colleague quote: “[In my last organisation] I wouldn’t have recognised the Chief Executive if we were in the same room – I’ve just joined WCL and he recognises me and knows my name and where I work!”

Colleague quote: “I really like that there is no artificial distance between managers and non-managers – it all feels like we are part of a big team”

We are developing

We are always developing our services and expanding our diversity so that we can provide support to the people in Warrington who need it. We are developing new services where there are gaps in provision. So you will be part of finding new ways to make a bigger difference to local people such as our new house for people experiencing short term emotional crisis, avoiding the need for them to go into a mental health hospital

Colleague quote: “That’s why I’m never leaving WCL – I know the organisation wants me to do my very best for the people others are not prepared or able to help”

We value the people who work for us

We work hard to appreciate our colleagues work.

  • We set to pay as competitively as we can against what we can afford.

  • We are passionate about learning and we provide lots of free training and qualifications and even pay people for attending

  • We are we are Investors in People Silver

  • We offer tax efficient childcare vouchers and cycle to work schemes

  • WCL colleagues get free access to health and wellbeing advice.

  • We have a competitive pension scheme where we match your contributions up to 4%

  • We really believe in fairness and valuing diversity. So for instance

  • Young colleague and apprentices get the same pay rate and contracts as their peers

  • We are a ‘Mindful Employer’ and ‘Disability Confident’ value all of our colleagues including when they have mental health issues or disability-related impairments

100% of colleagues responding to a recent survey said they were satisfied in their work

Gender Pay Gap Information

Warrington Community Living have in accordance with our duties under the Equality Act 2010 (gender Pay Gap Information) Regulations 2017 and following ACAS and Government Equalities Office guidelines calculated and published our gender pay gap figures. 

Mean average pay gap: 5.73%

Median gender pay gap: 0.00%

We have no bonus pay differentials because we do not pay bonuses

Proportion of male and female employees in each quartile band

  • Lower quartile 18.03% Male 81.97% Female
  • Lower Middle quartile 14.52% Male 85.48% Female
  • Upper Middle quartile 8.06% Male 91.94% Female
  • Upper quartile 18.03% Male 81.97% Female
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