Ryfields requires improvement say the CQC but Caring is good

Obviously we would have liked to get a ‘good’ rating in all areas with less areas for attention, but at the point of inspection it had only been seven months since Warrington Community Living had taken over the service from another provider. We inherited a lot of systems, team practices as well as at times insufficient information from them that has prevented us getting there as quickly as we would all like to see.

The CQC raised some of the following points and we also detail some of the actions we are already undertaking:

  • The number of medication errors over the first seven months of WCL being responsible. They were commenting on our own medication error logs, which in WCL we are assiduous in completing. We have put a lot of work into this area, including changing the policies and procedures and retraining the whole team. We are confident that we are taking the necessary measures to ensure that we consistently treat medication safely.

  • We have picked up and dealt with issues about safeguarding well and we have clear policies and procedure and training in place. However, whilst we had made sure individuals and where appropriate family and the local authority knew about these instances and dealt with them thoroughly, we had not always remembered to tell CQC about them which is a breach of the regulations. This was a simple mistake on our part and we have raised awareness in the management team about it, so it should not happen again.

  • Whilst there was evidence of training activity for the team, we could not provide enough clear evidence, especially of what had taken place before WCL took over the service. We need to improve the records and we are also revisiting some of the training to make sure it is of a good and demonstrable standard.

  • Whilst there had been training for the team on the law surrounding mental capacity and any deprivation of liberty, when team members were asked about it by the inspector they were not as clear as they needed to be. This will be part of our re-training programme.

  • The care and support plans we inherited from the previous provider were not up to standard and had not been reviewed recently enough when we took over. As most of you will know, we are working our way through this with you to ensure everyone has an up to date person centred support plan, but it is a big piece of work to do properly and is taking us time. They CQC are correctly keen we should complete this.

  • Some did not experience enough continuity of support, with too many people being involved in care, especially for example for those with dementia where this can get confusing and is all the more important. We need to develop smaller teams within our shifts and rostering so we can give you greater continuity and we are implementing a change to the team’s rotas and working patterns to achieve this.

  • We needed to have a longer track record of using our new WCL auditing systems to be able to demonstrate how well the service is and isn’t working, and to show how we are picking up on improvements that we need to make.

Sarah Battersby the Service Manager said “We are working hard to ensure we have a service that delivers an overall ‘good’ standard and then we will work towards being ‘outstanding’. I am confident that with the cooperation and support of all the team we can get there”.

For the full report please click on the followng link to the CQC

website http://www.cqc.org.uk/location/1-2238982161 

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