Mental Health Services

The people we support through our Mental Health services can be confident that we will respect their individuality, understand their current support needs, but also very importantly focus on their recovery and development. All packages of support are based on person centred planning, which means they are tailored to the bespoke needs of the individual. Working towards positive outcomes for those individuals, however large or small those might be.

Most importantly we listen carefully to the people we support, their families and other circles of support, so that we can learn and improve the services for them by carefully considering their personality, life history, feedback and experiences as well as their dreams and aspirations. 

Westleigh House, Stockton Heath, 01925 211851, [email protected]

Westleigh House is a home to eighteen people with long term mental health support needs. For many this can be their home for a number of years, although for others it acts as a very successful transitional stage towards having their own home, either on their own, or sharing with one or two other people. It can also be used as a location for short breaks away from a permanent home elsewhere.

Westleigh have a highly trained team of staff and who work in close consultation with local specialist and health professionals, to ensure the service is as specialised and tailored to the individual as it can possibly be.

Westleigh house is in easy walking distance of Stockton Heath village centre with its very wide range of small shops and amenities. It is in a residential area with all the benefits of a strong local community and not far from Walton Hall Gardens and beyond the countryside of Cheshire whilst being less than two miles (a bus ride) from Warrington town centre. Westleigh also has its own accessible transport so that we can help the people who live there be active in and contribute to their community.

Independence is encouraged through the use personalised plans and a personalisation partner. At Westleigh we support people to make their own choices and follow independent lives. Many residents independently take part in activity and enjoy local community facilities we encourage and support residents to be active citizens within their own community. Although independence is encouraged, if required the staff at Westleigh can accompany and support residents to enjoy activities that are important to them such as meeting and visiting friends and family, going to the pub, the cinema or shops, or engaging in work or learning activities. Where needed and with additional funding, one to one programmes to develop the ability to live more independently can be set up to match the needs and aspirations of an individual.

Each person that lives at Westleigh House has their own bedroom and shares communal facilities for cooking, dining, personal care, relaxing and pursuing home based leisure as well as enjoying the shared use of the very spacious gardens which include a greenhouse and vegetable patch in which we work in partnership with Walton Lea Project to develop gardening and vocational skills. People are encouraged to bring their own property and furniture with them and are welcome to decorate and personalise their own rooms.


Community Mental Health and Wellbeing Service, Central Office, 01925 246870

The Community Mental Health and Wellbeing service support people across Warrington to manage their mental health and wellbeing.  We get to know the people we support and all packages of support are based on person centred planning, which means they are tailored to the bespoke needs of the individual. The support workers get to know everyone they support as a person. Taking an interest in their tastes, talents, hobbies, experiences and ambitions the team work towards supporting them to reach their potential as part of their route to recovery and long term wellbeing.

Colleagues involved in the delivery of the service are trained to deliver a wide range of support, including supporting behaviour that can be challenging, developing independence and confidence, supporting positive relationships and mindful communication. They are also trained to signpost on to other specialist and community based services that might be useful to the individual and that will become part of a network of personalised support and meaningful activity for them.

The team currently offers the following services:

Supported Accomodation

The service supports people to live independently in their own homes. It is designed to support the needs of people dealing with issues relating to their mental health, helping them to maximise their independence and to maintain assured tenancies.

We provide one to one support to enable people to return to independent community living based on a flexible support plan which is individual to each person we support.  The service helps people to develop social, life and domestic skills.  We can assist with tasks such as shopping, budgeting, cooking and attending health appointments as well as help to arrange social events and signposting people to other specialist services where necessary.

We currently run six supported housing schemes in various locations across the Borough. This is a total of 56 tenancies in properties currently owned either by Warrington Community Living or ‘Your Housing’ Housing Group. Tenancies are let on an assured tenancy agreement or licence agreement. Although many of the people we support will settle and become long term tenants, it can be an important recovery success story if they move out of assured tenancy to become fully independent and no longer depending upon specialist services to support this.

Outreach Service

The Outreach Service supports people who are vulnerable due to mental health issues.  We work to support people to develop independence and resilience, to have dreams and aspirations and to experience increasing choice and control over their own lives.

Services are delivered in the person’s home or sometimes out and about in the community. Support is flexible based on the individual’s circumstances.

Our person centred approach means we support people in the way that works best for them as an individual.  Person centred reviews recognise achievements and review what is working well, where the support could be improved and refreshes goals.

Park House

Park House provides a relaxing and tranquil environment to support people during a time of mental health crisis.  Park house is a large 5 bedroom house. 2 bedrooms are for people who are staying with us for a longer period of time whilst being supported to become more independent on their pathway to recovery.

The house also has 3 guest bedrooms for people who need some short term support to help them overcome a mental health crisis. The house is decorated to a high standard and provides a comforting space for individuals.

Our service offers short stays for up to five days and aims to help people to avoid hospital admission and maintain personal independence.  Individuals will work with our team of experienced Community Mental Health and Wellbeing Support Workers on a tailored support plan to help manage their mental health and develop effective coping strategies.

Individuals are offered one-to-one and group sessions to provide practical and emotional support, build resilience and to develop self help tools.

We work closely with the Home Treatment Team along with other external agencies to support individuals to achieve their goals.

Referrals are made through the Home Treatment Team.